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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. I am planning to include VGA connectivity to Nexys Video project. In that way, I am considering Pmod VGA and, although on web page says "Pmod VGA provides a VGA port to any board with Pmod connectivity ", I have some doubts with that in a context for Nexys Video project. Pmod VGA need two ports near each one, so JC and JB are the only options. The problem with those ports is that each one is labeled for differential pair signals (Nexys Video reference manual) and I think Pmod VGA work only with single ended signals. So my question is, it is posibble to use Pmod VGA with Nexys Video using JC and JB Pmod port? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm trying to use a VDMA tutorial. I have a ZED Board and I'm using VIVADO 2019.1 Every time I run the SDK, it shows nothing on the terminal. After that I tried to boot from the SD card and it also shows nothing. PS: I checked that I'm using the right terminal
  3. Hello everyone, So I own a Basys 2 board with spartan 3E FPGA and I am using ISE Design Suite 14.5. I want to create a VGA output with 800x600 resolution and 40Mhz clock so it will have 60Hz refresh rate. I am writing the code in verilog. I have entered exact numbers for horizontal counter, vertical counter, hsync and vsync that are required for operation stated above. However, I am unable to output the VGA signal. I am using two DCMs that can be generated in the ISE design suite, I am using first DCM to multiply 50MHz clk to 100Mhz and then I am using second DCM to divide 100Mhz with 2.5 to get 40Mhz clk frequency. I tried many combinations of DCM properties (like setting external clkin and internal, changing feedback properties etc.) but was not successful. I am uploading the whole code directory archived in a Winrar, so you can also maybe replicate the issue. Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance. lab9v360hz.rar
  4. Hi, I want to develop a simple subsystem that is shown on the picture below. Basically, I need one producer that would generate a picture(s) and one consumer that would display the picture. The consumer is easier part, it's VGA block that reads the pictures from the memory. I want to use a bigger resolution, so I cannot use BRAM and I have to go for DDR. I'm planning to use MIG for this job. The question is whether I can configure DDR as a dual-port ram (one port for generator and one port for consumer). Is it possible? If not, I think that I have to go with multi-master bus, so the consumer is another master on the bus... Other memories that Nexys A7 has are too small (and I guess also to slow). Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Dannny.
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