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Found 3 results

  1. I have UART1 enabled on MIO 48() 49(). I can't figure out where these pins are on the board. Please help me out in finding the relevant part from the documentation. Attached is the screenshot from schematic found at: - https://reference.digilentinc.com/_media/reference/programmable-logic/arty-z7/arty_z7_sch.pdf Any help is highly appreciated. Its my first post.
  2. In the board description for the ArtyS7, it's written to have a 12 MHz system clock at pin F14. That's not correct. Schematic revision E.1 for ArtyS7 is showing IC2 is open => no clock at all IC2 is - if soldered - a 100 MHz clock => ASEM1-100.000MHZ-LC-T As also discovered by the author of the board description, 12 MHz is a useless clock for 7-series FPGA,s because it's to slow for clock modifying blocks (PLL, MMCM, ...) The trace 12MHz/UCLK has a R0, but no source in schematics (incomplete schematics or an open trace ...) As a summary: the ArtyS7 board has officially no system clock, only DDR3 reference clock can be used.
  3. We are using the PYNQ-Z1 for the development of a new product and need the supporting hardware design files. I have not been able to find the BOM, or electronic version of the schematics or PWB, on the website. It appears the design was done in Altium, which is what we use. Is it possible to download these files or have them sent to us?
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