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Found 2 results

  1. Objective: Transmission of Non-MIPI camera sensor data (i.e. any monochrome sensor) using MIPI CSI-2 TX Controller Ip core from on one Arty7 Board to another Arty7 board as MIPI CSI-Rx system or any MIPI Receiver based Video processor. IP core Application: The Xilinx MIPI CSI-2 TX Controller implements camera sensor transmitter interface over MIPI D-PHY Interface. It can be used to bridge between non-MIPI camera sensors to MIPI based video processor. This Core provides combination of MIPI CSI-2 transmit controller and D-PHY interface. System Overview as per our understanding: · After power on, Clock generator IP core generates different clock required for FPGA subsystems. (Status : Working) · FPGA configures camera sensor by providing appropriate commands via I2C Interface.(Status : Working) · After successful configuration, Sensor generates PSYNC (Pixel Clock), HSYNC (Line Clock), VSYNC (Frame clock) and 14-bit video data which are input to FPGA. (Status : Working) · Since sensor provides Non-MIPI output signals and Xilinx MIPI CSI-2 Tx doesn’t have monochrome RAW data input, one complete control system required in FPGA which convert these sensors output signals in to MIPI CSI-2 TX Core compatible data and control signals. (Status : How to give above signals to this IP core, After implementing required logic we are not getting any output on this IP core) · MIPI CSI-2 Tx controller core has In-built physical layer which generated D-PHY outputs. (Status : Not outputs on D-PHY) · D-PHY output can be accessible to another Arty-7 board as MIPI CSI-2 Rx or any MIPI based video processor to perform further post-processing. · Above description is given in block diagram and sensor waveform · Sensor specification: image resolution 384 x 288 @ 30 FPS with 14 bit RAW video data. Problem faced: sensor provides Non-MIPI output signals and Xilinx MIPI CSI-2 Tx doesn’t have monochrome RAW data input, So we are not able generate any D-PHY output after configuration. No examples related to RAW data of 8 or 14 bit. References: 1. MIPI CSI Controller Subsystems – https://www.xilinx.com/products/intellectual-property/ef-di-mipi-csi-rx.html#overview 2. MIPI CSI-2 Transmitter Subsystem V2.1 - https://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/ip_documentation/mipi_csi2_tx_subsystem/v2_1/pg260-mipi-csi2-tx.pdf
  2. Hi. I've tried to operate Pcam-5c at Zybo-Z7-zynq7020 using Xilinx Vivado tool. I refered to source code for Pcam-5c posted on github( https://github.com/Digilent/Zybo-Z7-20-pcam-5c/releases ). It operated successfully but I want to try again using other camera module instead of Pcam-5c. I have some problems in MIPI formatting data because Zybo7020 & Pcam-5c use RAW10 data but my camera module use RAW12 data. How can I use RAW12 format with Zybo-Z7-20 ?
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