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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to use PModOLEDrgb on a Zybo Z7-20 and run the basic Demo provided by the library but I have a problem with it. I follow all the steps indicated in the Getting Started guide (https://digilent.com/reference/learn/programmable-logic/tutorials/pmod-ips/start) but I still have problems. I'm using Vivado 2021.2 and until the board programming, all seem fine: I'm able to generate the bitstream, build the Platform and Application Project without errors. However, when I try to program the board an unexpected crash appears. The board is reset and I hear the classic Windows "cable reconnected sound". I did some tests with vivado-library takes from master branch and with vivado-library takes from last release (with the updated Makefiles) but the results are the same. In the pictures above there are my Block Design and my settings, I hope that they can help to understand where is the problem, maybe I missed some steps, or I have a wrong configuration. During my tests, I saw that the crash is somehow related to the function OLEDrgb_begin(). I surrounded the begin function with two xil_print to Debug the situation and only the first one is correctly visualized. If I comment the begin function the board and the "Done" Led stay on. I also supposed that the problem could be the hardware module, but I test it on my Arduino and it work. Could you help me solve this problem? In case, there is another guide to follow or some sample projects I could try on my board? Tell me if you need more information, I will provide you as soon as possible. Thanks and Best Regards.
  2. Kind of new to the world of FPGA tinkering. Just bought an ARTY board and the OLEDrgb pmod. Struggling to find some verilog code for the SPI driver, together with some simple demo that I could use with Vivado, perhaps a simple MicroBlaze code snipet that drives the display. I could then use this a base going forward. Does anyone recommend anything here? Thanks Steve
  3. I just completed my first mini-project on my new Arty A7 (my first FPGA). ? On Windows 11 with Vitis/Vivado 2021.2, I have the OLEDrgb working. It's unlikely I did everything the best or most proper way, but it's working. If anyone is interested, I shared a walkthrough with all of the steps I took to get the OLEDrgb working on my A7. Arty A7 & OLEDrgb Pmod Walkthrough All suggestions on how to improve the implementation are welcome. I can update the instructions with any recommendations you may have. Thanks!
  4. I think my question is general but i want to know how to initialize Pmod OledRGB using case when-statment i found some vhdl codes using this method but i cant understand it
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