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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I am trying to create a petalinux project using microblaze on nexys4 DDR. I followed the tutorial in this link https://portfolium.org/entry/petalinux-for-microblaze . I used the board files for my board. Everything works fine, but I can't build the project. I get some errors that some files can't be found but I don't know why they are not generated because there is no warning or error when I create or configure the project. There are 49 of these errors when trying to build. I use petalinux 2017.4, vivado 2017.4 on ubuntu 16.04. Anyone can help me to solve this problem ?
  2. hello! I am trying to create a project that uses microblaze and the temperature sensor adt7420 on nexys 4 ddr. I don't know how to configure the xadc core for this job and and what other block I need in my design. Does anyone have any similar project so I can figure it out?
  3. Greetings, I am trying to run the example code of SD PMOD on my Nexys4 DDR FPGA. I followed the tutorial to generate the hardware but when I move to Vitis and try to compile SD card example, it throws me the following error message: Checking for BSP changes to sync application flags for project 'sd_app'... 15:49:33 ERROR : Failed to openhw "/home/pmod_sd_wrapper/export/pmod_sd_wrapper/hw/pmod_sd_wrapper.xsa" Reason: ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'hsi::open_hw_design' failed due to earlier errors. 15:49:33 ERROR : Failed to update application flags from BSP for 'sd_app'. Reason: null I have seen other people having the same issue at other posts. The offered solution was to use Vivado/Vitis 2019 but unfortunately that's not possible for me. Is there any other workaround? PS: I used the vivado project provided at this post.
  4. Lumahajjar

    Nexys4 DDR Camera

    I am currently using a Nexys4 DDR to implement a project for my University The project requires a video camera what’s the best camera that goes with Nexys4 DDR ? In term of resolution and everything else thank you
  5. Hi, I've recently got a Nexys 4 DDR and I'm trying to find a keyboard that works with it. Any mouse I have works, so I'm assuming the USB connector and the PIC24 are all soldered on properly and working. I know that older and/or 'simple' keyboards are supposed to work but so far I haven't found any that actually do. I'm still looking, and I've ask around (on this forum and elsewhere) for specific make/models that are know to work. In the meantime, I've observed that when I connect the keyboard I'm using right now to type this post to the Nexys4 DDR, and run the Nexys-4-DDR-Keyboard, I keep getting 0xAA messages. If I keep a key pressed for a long time, sometimes I observe the proper scancode for the key, and then it's endless 0xAA again. According to the Nexys4 DDR reference manual: "When a keyboard or mouse is connected to the Nexys4 DDR, a “self-test passed” command (0xAA) is sent to the host." What I think is happening is that keyboard or the connection with the keyboard keeps getting reset by the PIC, which continuously sends 0xAA codes when it re-detects the keyboard. I was wondering if anyone knows what code the PIC24 is executing, if there are any patches for it, or if it's possible to see the source code to maybe fix this problem or improve compatibility. As it is, using a Nexys4 DDR is *really* hard because very little modern hardware seems to work with it. Thanks!
  6. I have a question regarding the Nexys 4 DDR and his successor the Nexys A7: Will a working VHDL-Program, written for the Nexys 4 DDR XC7A100T-1CSG324C, work on an Nexys A7 XC7A100T-1CSG324C? (written in VHDL constructed in Vivado, using the constraint-file „Nexys-4-DDR-Master“ from your resource center [https://github.com/Digilent/digilent-xdc/] ) Is it possible to simply generate the Bitstream of this Program (made for the Nexys 4 DDR XC7A100T-1CSG324C) and download it onto the Nexys A7 XC7A100T-1CSG324C without making any changes to the code? Even if the Constraint-File for the Nexys-4-DDR-Master is used? The only difference in the Constraint-Files of the boards is the IOStandard for the Pmod Header JXADC, changed from LVDS to LVCMOS33. There shouldn‘t be any Problems since the voltage range of the previously used LVDS is within the range of the voltage for the LVCMOS33, right? Will a VHDL-Program that doesn‘t even use the Pmod Header JXADC work without problems? Or do I still have to alter something in my existing programm to make it work on a Nexys A7 XC7A100T-1CSG324C? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey everyone! I am considering buying a Nexys A7 100T in India (through Digilent for the academic pricing). Can someone here please guide me on the import duties if you have tried that before? From the HSN Code it looks like it is supposed to be 18% but I have heard from friends where they have even paid 50% for some electronics imports. Thanks!
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