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Found 5 results

  1. Div_01

    Nexys2 FPGA board

    Hi, I am a newbie to FPGA. Does the Xilinx Spartan 3E Nexys2 FPGA board contain internal ADC and DAC? If yes, which are the ports for it? Thanks & Regards, Divya
  2. Hi! Is there an example project for transferring data to the PC via USB 2 for the old Nexys 2 board? I was googling as well as looking on the documentation section of this website and I couldn't find anything. I need a bitrate of at least 4 megabits/second, so serial port emulation will be insufficient. I don't care about sending data to the board, just receiving. It would be great if it was specifically for the Nexys 2 but I understand that since it's old there might be nothing, so is there a tutorial/example project for a similar board I could use as a guide? I'm still fairly new to VHDL. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, I have lost firmware for Nexys 2 USB Controller (CY7C68013A-56) which is stored on 24AA128-EEPROM. I want to update it by CyConsole application. Could anybody help? Thanks
  4. jasonkh12

    Clocking Wizard

    I am new to FPGA. I know that nexys2 board (Spartan3E) has 50MHz oscillator. Is there a way to generate 100MHz clock, since Clocking Wizard in IP Core does not support this board? Thanks
  5. I am new to FPGA. I have several problems in connecting OV7670 to Nexys2, so i decide to test wether it is broke. I have tried to connect XCLK with 25MHz output from scaling 50MHz Nexys2 clock, then i connect the pixel clock PCLK to oscilloscope. Unfortunately, i cant see any clock signal on PCLK. I connect the 3.3V and the ground pin properly. Any other pins remain unconnected. Did i miss something?