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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I had tried using the Pmod MTDS to build some simple projects by using the microblaze with Arty A7-35T. I had followed the "Getting Started with Digilent Pmod IPs" tutorial. The bitstream file was successfully generated and exported to the VITIS 2020.1. After I created an application project in the VITIS 2020.1, I copied the main.cc and MyDispDemo1.cc into the src folder as requested after read the README.txt. However, when I started to build the project, it failed. It seem like missing the library files for the MyDispDemo.cc. I had tried many methods, rebuild it, and try to export the bitstream file again to the VITIS 2020.1. However, the problem still exist. So, is there any steps I miss out? Kindly need some helps in order to make the Pmod MTDS works with the microblaze by using the Arty A7-35T. Thank you very much.
  2. Hello, The previous posts and documentation state that the Pmod MTDS uses the PIC32MZ. I would like to know which PIC32MZ and if the MTDS Firmware is available. My hope is to drop a similar design onto our own board. Is that possible? Bill
  3. I am trying to connect my PMOD MTDS to the Zybo Z7, without Arduino. I have integrated the IP files, connected it via block diagram, and set up a FAT32 microSD with the 2 files that are needed also. When trying to connect to Vivado I can seem to figure out how to get to the console for which I can do MTDS Firmware code so I can do a custom UI. Documentation does not help much with connecting this PMOD. Please advise if you're familiar thanks.
  4. Trying to connect the MTDS PMOD to my CoraZ7-07S FPGA board. I used the Digilent MTDS IP but I'm having trouble figuring out how to connect it to PMOD port JB on the Cora board. Read on another answer that I should use JD by default but that's not an option in Cora. Vivado (2019.1) also warns that the IP was packaged for arty board but assume that's not an issue for me other than the JD issue. I saw on another post that I need to edit the XDC file to change the PMOD connector but I don't see how I can do that since the MTDS PMOD doesn't show on my constrains file. Thinking about wiring it manually. Any suggestions? Would appreciate any help.
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