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Found 4 results

  1. This is no important issue, I'm just doing some finger exercises with Waveforms. The thought behind my actual problem: When signals enter the analyzer through different ways like isolators and such, they gather different time offsets. As the Waveforms logic analyzer provides no timeshift functionality out of the box I came to think about a custom logic script to move the data of one channels rgData array to rgValue with an offset index. But to calculate the array offset from the expected time offset I would need to know the actual sample rate of the data. This data I don't have because custom logic scripts don't have access to the Device information. Would it make sense, or be feasible, to provide a time offset functionality for each channel? Would it make sense to provide access to the device settings in a custom logic script?
  2. I am having trouble with my Digital Discovery. I am getting noise displayed on the digital inputs. For example, I have a 400KHz clock on DIN0 and the data is supposed to be on DIN1. I need to trigger on the DIN1 negative edge. What I see, while DIN1 is actually a constant "1" (verified with 'scope) is glitches on some falling edges of the clock (DIN0). If I ground DIN1 I still see glitches on that input. I have tried switching tot DIN3 for the data but still see the same pulses The attached screen capture shows DIN0 on CLK and DIN1 on the data input. As I said, my 'scope does not show these glitches. The DD is grounded using the ground input next to DIN0. NOTE: I tested the same PCB with my AD2 and it does not show the glitches, in fact it works fine.
  3. Hello, I am trying to get captured data from Logic DIO0 channel via script. I would expect array of 0 and 1. But getting all zeros (see picture attached). Where I go wrong? Thank You. Best Regards Ondrej
  4. Hello, I have recently purchased the Analog Discovery 2 unit and I would like to easily obtain an accumulated count value in the logic analyzer. Is this something that is available within the software or is a custom script required? If this requires custom setup or script programming, can you point me to the documentation or project that I can view?? I appreciate any help...Thank you