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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I bought an ECLYPSE Z7 board some time ago. I was working on a project where I was interfacing some external peripherals on PMODs of the board. The board has suddenly been turned off and not powering up anymore. Kindly guide me in this. To figure out what is the cause and how can it be corrected. Seems like the custom power IC isn't turning on Thanks
  2. Hi All, I am working with a ZedBoard trying to test the output functionality of the Pmod headers. The Pmod headers on this ZedBoard have worked in the past, however, when I try to work with them now it appears that they do not transmit any output data. I've tried this for all four programmable logic accessible headers (JA1, JB1, JC1, JD1). When I assign the output to the LEDs I am able to see the output successfully, but it does not come through the Pmod headers. Here is a very simple HDL file and constraints file that I'm using on my ZedBoard that should produce output on the Pmod headers. HDL File (dut.v): `timescale 1ns / 1ps module dut( output PMOD ); assign PMOD = 1; endmodule Constraints File Contents (constraints.xdc): # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # JA Pmod - Bank 13 # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- set_property PACKAGE_PIN Y11 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JA1" set_property PACKAGE_PIN AA8 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JA10" set_property PACKAGE_PIN AA11 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JA2" set_property PACKAGE_PIN Y10 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JA3" set_property PACKAGE_PIN AA9 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JA4" set_property PACKAGE_PIN AB11 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JA7" set_property PACKAGE_PIN AB10 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JA8" set_property PACKAGE_PIN AB9 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JA9" # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # JB Pmod - Bank 13 # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- set_property PACKAGE_PIN W12 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JB1" set_property PACKAGE_PIN W11 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JB2" set_property PACKAGE_PIN V10 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JB3" set_property PACKAGE_PIN W8 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JB4" set_property PACKAGE_PIN V12 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JB7" set_property PACKAGE_PIN W10 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JB8" set_property PACKAGE_PIN V9 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JB9" set_property PACKAGE_PIN V8 [get_ports {PMOD}]; # "JB10" # Note that the bank voltage for IO Bank 13 is fixed to 3.3V on ZedBoard. set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports -of_objects [get_iobanks 13]]; Has anyone experienced this faulty behavior? Are they any workarounds or solutions?
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