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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, It is my first time here so I apologise for my mistakes, I started a new project where I am using Nexys 3 board with a Pmod GPS module. I found a UART receiver/transmitter on the internet I wanted to test it out. So I connected the receiver to the USB UART Rx pin, in order to send from Serial COM data and then transmit back to the Serial COM the data I have sent. When I am sending a character from the serial, I receive the same character from the UART transmitter so I think that both of the components work fine. When I am sending the character A, I receive back the character A. My next step is to connect to the receiver the Rx pin of the GPS to read NMEA Sentences. In the manual it says that the GPS works at 9600 baud rate so I tune the code for 9600 baud rate. I start reading the NMEA but the serial out is garbages(I will post a photo for the results). In the top.v module a connect the two modules like this: receiver R1(clk, reset, RxD, data); // RxD is the serial output from GPS and data is the 8 bit output from UART // transmitter receives the 8 bit data from the above module transmitter T1(clk, reset, transmit, data, TxD); // data is the input and we send the serialized data back to the Tera Term serial COM Is there any mistake with the connection? Is there a problem with the baud rate? Because I have tested all the baud rates available but I had no result. This is the result with 115200 baud rate And these are the results for 9600 baud