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  1. Hi @JColvin, I started from scratch and applied the fix mentioned above in the post. It didn't give the error it was giving earlier, but then a different one pops up. This one was about FSBL. I checked youtube and found "Petalinux 101 Getting Started Quickly" video. Then, applied ready sstate-cache on Xilinx website (under Petalinux 2017.4) by changing related stuff on petalinux-config. Now, it works. Thank you again
  2. Hi @JColvin, First of all, thanks for your quick reply. I saw that especially for Zybo Z7-20 for the specific BSP on Digilent repositories it needs Vivado 2017.4 and Petalinux 2017.4. I have these. Plus, I tried building a different BSP on Petalinux Download page and it is also a success. Hopefully, I tried the answer at the bottom of this page: https://forum.digilentinc.com/topic/22300-petalinux-build-build-getting-failed-for-cora-z7/ and it worked, but till some point. Yet, I am having this error now: | *** Can't find default configuration "arch/../configs/zynq_zyboz7_defconfig"! Is there a straightforward way I can fix this as well?
  3. Hi, Does anyone have an answer for this? Because, I am also getting the same error. Whatever I tried is not working. I have the Zybo Z7-20 board at my hand, but cannot have the Petalinux working. Could anyone give some ideas how to handle this situation? I just suspect, it might be caused out of a wrong path/lacking packages on the repository. Thanks! @JColvin
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