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  1. Yes its only 1 USB-231 device. The other devices are from different manufactures a mix of usb-com devices an other devices from Thorlabs. It took me a while to figure out all the error code reporting but now I know what method is causing this error. Its my Ascanout method. I am creating a ramp function that sweeps the voltage on Aout0 from 0V to 10V while I record data on Ain0 and Ain1. My scan frequency is 1000 and my buffer size on the write is 886 and 1772 on the read. My code is doing nothing else at the time. however I don't know what the API's for my other usb devices are doing in the background. The hub is powered. Thanks Tom
  2. Hi, I am writing a program using c# and using the AOutScan and AInScan methods. The board is a USB-321. I keep getting the FIFO went empty during output error. Its occurs randomly. I made a completely separate program that only talks to the MCC device and I don't have this problem. I use the same method calls, its only when I incorporate it in my larger application do I see this error. I turned off printing of errors but that's just work around. My device is going through a usb hub. Could that be the issue? The full software talks to 8 USB devices through this hub. The software is only communicating with the mcc device when the error occurs. Can someone give me some incite into this issue? Thanks Tom
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