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  1. Hello! We've used MC boards through the universal library, and the E-DIO24 is the latest to enter into our systems. Due to the E-DIO24 working nearly identically to previous DIO boards, we made nearly no changes in code to support the ethernet version. However, we have issues where we loose communications to the unit, and they don't seem to re-establish automatically. We aren't sure as to why we loose communications, but we can simulate locally by simply disconnecting the ethernet port for a minute or so. After which point, the software will no longer be able to turn outputs on and off without first re-running the initialization code. However, we don't seem to be receiving any errors when we try to alter states of outputs. So, my questions are: 1. How should we be detecting this (if this is suggested in some documentation I've missed, apologies, please direct me there)? 2. What are the recommended steps to re-establish functionality (hopefully without needing to restart the controlling application)? Thanks in advance!
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