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  1. Hello, Now I wanted to check the firmware version after trying the two troubleshooting options, and now I get a firmware of 1.03 and a bootloader version of 1.01, so it worked, but I can't tell how and why. At least now it works. Best, Anna
  2. Hello, I have tried both approaches, I reduced to a board and tried to fire with the shortage, but it did not fire up. Is now the only option to buy a new mcc118? Best, aremund
  3. Hello, I have exactly the same problem as @James7, have any of you made any progress in solving the problem? I would be very grateful for any help or expertise. Best, aremund
  4. I need the second I2C bus because in addition to the daq hats I would like to read two temperature and RH sensors SHT85. And I need the second I2C bus because I cannot read the data from two SHT85 sensors from the same I2C bus.
  5. Hello Fausto, As far as I can see the mentioned GPIO pins (23/24, 5/6 and 17/27) should be free to use next to the mcc152 daqhat. Exactly according to the link I sent, I implemented the second I2C bus. I try to connect 2 mcc152 and two temperature and RH sensors SHT85. Best, Anna
  6. Hello Fausto, Thank you for sending me the other post. For the second i2c-bus I tried to use the GPIO pins 23/24, 5/6 and 17/27 as far as I can see in the Interface Specifications these pins are not used by the mcc 152. Nevertheless I get still the same error message: raise HatError(self._address, "Board not responding.") daqhats.hats.HatError: Addr 0: Board not responding. Maybe you can give me another advice. Best, Anna
  7. Hello, I have troubles with two DAQHATs mcc152. To read data from to identical temperature sensors I opened a second i2c bus (4 next to 1) on my raspberry pi now with this second i2c bus the daqhats are not responding/connecting anymore. Before everything was working and if I close the second i2c bus, they work again without any problem. Now I have the question if these daqhats only work with one i2c bus? And if you have any idea how I can use the daqhats with 2 i2c buses? Thank you already in advance for your help.
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