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  1. I have a USB-DIO96H/50 and instead of SecondPortC the PortNum is broken down into SecondPortCH and SecondPortCL. Is this correct? PS - I previously has a USB-DIO96H installed in my PC.
  2. Could I get some code snippets showing how to configure a USB-DIO96H/50 for output, 8 bit ports
  3. I have a legacy DIO 96 board with (2) 50 pin IDC connectors. I need to replace it with a USB-DIO96H-50. The new board has 100 screw terminals and (4) 50 pin IDC connectors. How do I wire it?
  4. I am writing code in Visual Studio and Windows 10. Can I use a USB-DIO96H-50 block in my application?
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