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  1. Our software (Mass Applied Science) operates a USB-CTR04 running on Windows 11 and Instacal V6.73 as part of running a particle size analyzer. Note: this issue does not occur with Windows 10 and Instacal V6.72 (everything else identical). The CTR04 connects to a Trigger Buffer Board that sends a Trigger signal to a PicoScope Digital oscilloscope. The first run upon startup is ok with normal trigger. Then, the trigger signal to the PicoScope is lost on our second run for some reason. Repeat commands to the CTR-04 do not fix it. We need to reinitialize our software in order to recover the trigger which works fine on multiple operations after this. Thanks, Gabe DosRamos
  2. We have encountered repeatedly what appears to be a “partial” USB-CTR04 Windows 11 incompatibility running Instacal V6.73. We set up a Trigger on a PicoTech USB Oscilloscope through the CTR04 OK initially; however, we lose Trigger control by the CTR-04 on the same command when sent a second time. After reinitializing our software, the CTR-04 works ok repeatedly.
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