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  1. Hello, There is an option to "manual labeling" on the waterfall settings in Dasy lab. How do I input a tachometer reading to this z-axis? Rather than using a time stamp...
  2. This works great. integrating twice... 386,000∫∫1 sin(2*pi*50 t)dt yields 3.9mils at 50hz according to Wolfram! Thank you.
  3. on the signal generator, I am inputting a 1hz sine wave with 1v amplitude. I am expecting a -cos waveform with similar amplitude. However, I am getting an amplitude that is much smaller than what I was expecting. There is also some detrending needed. What do you recommend?
  4. Hello, I have tried to collect acceleration, velocity, and displacement data from accelerometer raw signals. I lose lots of data in the process. Even if i input a sin wave from a signal generator, the integration chops the aplitude down by orders of magnitude each time. What am I doing wrong? I am also having troubles with the integrated signals drifting very fast - the 'restart calculation' integration option works o.k; is there anything else I can do to obtain accurate signals? Or am i better off post processing the raw acceleration data in MATALB or something with more robust solvers? Thank you
  5. I am getting 0 output from channel 4. My worksheet takes the output of channel 4, takes the reciprocal, and multiplies by 12,000,000*60, and graphs the signal. There is a 'counter Input' tab that is greyed out. Are there additional settings in Dasy Lab configurator that i need to change?
  6. Hello, are there any useful examples that can explain how to set up a tachometer worksheet in Dasy lab? I have a Data Translation DT9837 for which I have configured an analogue input. I would like to display a tachometer signal on a graph in units of RPM. I believe the issue is i cannot add channel 4 to the DT open layers control panel. I only have the option to activate 0-3 channels. Thank you
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