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  1. Hi I am using 4 MCC DAQ HATs (4 mcc172 hats). My RPI model is 4B, OS is raspios-buster-arm64, and I don't have third-party HATS installed on my RPi module. The SPI and I2C interfaces are enabled on my RPi (as shown in figure 3). And I confirmed that each board has the correct address jumper. As for using MCC DAQ HAT Manager, when i press Read_EEPROMs button, it works well (as shown in figure 4), but when i press LIST DEVICES button, it shows nothing at all (as shown in figure 5).
  2. Hi, I have stacked 4 mcc172 hats. When I ran sudo daqhats_read_eeproms, it worked fine (as shown in figure1). But when I ran sudo daqhats_list_boards, it found nothing at all. So I opened the daqhats_manager.py and ran it. It show error: Command ' daqhats_list_boards ' returnde non_zero exit status 1 (as shown in figure 2). I have installed the appropriate address jumpers onto address header locations A0-A2 of the new HAT board. And I don't know why this problem happens. I would appreciate if you can help me figure this out! Yours sincerely!
  3. Hi, Could you teach me how to start the scan on a rising edge of TRIG. In other words, I don't know how to run the code with external trigger.Thanks. Regard, 1zhangyo
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