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  1. Hello, Can you provide me with any reports from your internal software development or software QA team showing that DAQami or TraceDAQ functions as intended? This would just be the normal testing that you conduct as part of your internal software development activities. I would be happy to coordinate an NDA if necessary. We are existing customers of various MCC products. We use DAQami and TracerDAQ in the course of our engineering development projects. We would like to expand the use of the MCC DAQs and software to our verification testing and production process control. As we are in a regulated industry (medical), we have strict requirements to ensure that any 3rd party software we use can be proven to be functioning correctly before it can be used as an inspection device or to take measurements that may inform our regulatory submission. I’d appreciate any documentation you can provide to help enable us to use more of your products within our a wider range of development applications. Regards, Ben
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