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  1. HI, i am using mcc118 hat in rpi3 model. can i stack mcc128 above the mcc118 board. i need to use 2 adc at same time so in single program can i use both simultaneous .
  2. Hi, can we use Asus tinker board S model to configure the MCC118 data logger in place of raspberry pi.
  3. can we use a finite scan trigger? , our project logging time is 1 second. so please suggest how to do this also needs to average the samples because of too much fluctuation in voltage.
  4. Hello, i am again trying the options = OPTS_EXTTRIGGER | OPTS_CONTINUOUS. now it is working fine. Now we need to add one more trigger to stop the logging. also, too much fluctuation in analog read voltages, so can we add sample averaging or some filter to get the proper value? uint8_t trigger_mode = TRIG_RISING_EDGE; working but uint8_t trigger_mode = TRIG_FALLING_EDGE; not working.
  5. i am trying to add an external trigger in the data logger c code. i put options = OPTS_EXTTRIGGER | OPTS_CONTINUOUS function , but not working. I want to execute the trigger function Rising Edge after the start button is pressed wait for the trigger, then start the logging and automatically logging stops when the next trigger Falling edge occurs, modified_logger.c
  6. Hi, I am trying to code the data logger with a trigger but it is not working. I took an example of an mcc118 data logger and implement the trigger. but it is not working. can you suggest an example?
  7. hi, i tried to open the MCC DAQ hat manager utility, but it is not opening, just showing command screen for 1 second and turned off automatically. also trying to upload firmware but not able to update.
  8. Hi, I am new user and try the run the example but unable to execute. please suggest.
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