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  1. Fausto, Thanks for the reply re SigCBW.h. I have the same hunch/suspicion and will try that substituion later. So, I can read the source, but without SigCBW.h and its library, I have no means to compile or debug. Boards were properly configured with InstaCal and I ran both with the example Univ Lib code that I compiled (Single Analog Input channel, software timed). Unknown original developer intention from (2001 to 2004) time frame. I am upgrading a program that uses either a 1208(?) OR a 1408FS (out of production). The program detects and correctly runs with a 1408FS. Searched for the base model (1408fs) and did not find it hardcoded. The goal is to get the same code to work with the newer, USB-1408FS-Plus. When I run with a 1408FS-Plus, the program claims 'Invalid Board device number'. Looking into the code, that is the ONLY error message that it reports, i.e. it is ignoring the error that was thrown because it is trying to initialize. So it could be any other initialization parameters.
  2. I am updating an older Win32 MFC application written by someone else. The default error message is that an invalid board is installed. The program was built around MCC's Universal Library in C++. I downloaded and found a file CBW.h in the MCC\DAQ folder. However, the project references, "SigCBW.h" which was not included in the source. I am wondering if the original source package was to a different MCC library or I am missing a source file. TIA
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