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  1. Which version of InstaCal do you have on both systems?- original PC-6.72, new pc 6.74 Download and install the current version of MCC DAQ software (mccdaq.exe). did, we use TracerDaq pro https://mcc.download.ni.com/#downloads/MCCDaqCD/ Are you using the external power supply that shipped with the USB-2416-4AO? Yes What is the serial number on the backside label of the device? 1BFCB58 Do you know the last time the device functioned correctly? a few months ago Do any of the LEDs turn on when you connect the USB cable and external power supply? LED light for power(top) is on, blinking fast. other LED(bottom) does not come one. Did you try a new USB cable? Yes
  2. I installed InstaCal and TracerDaq pro on another PC. Instacal, did Autodetect plug and play devices, it can't find it. New cable. Do I need a new UBS-2416-4AO?
  3. Updated PC (running windows 10), can't connect to USB-2416-4AO. Instacal can't find the board TracerDaq- DAQ configuration settings contain invaild entries (nothing has been changed since setup) Have a job in a couple of hours. Thanks, Scott
  4. Fausto, Direct 3D acceleration is enabled. DirectX 12 I have 8 gigs of RAM processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)i3-7100U CPU @ 2.40 ghz (4CPUs)~2.4 ghz Intel(r) HD graphics 620 approx total mem 4156 MB display memory 128 mb shared memory 4028 mb I ran 24 strip charts last week, may have had 1 issue. I ran 4 today and the issue occurred twice. I guess I'll upgrade to windows 11 and see what happens. I appreciate all of your help, obviously I'm not a computer guy.
  5. Hi Fausto, Did you see any issues with the scc. File? Thanks Scott
  6. Good afternoon, Yes I am logged into windows as admin. USB-2416-4AO is connected directly to the laptop, usb ss port.(we have the pc and USB-2416-4AO set up in a pelican case) I'll try with a different PC. I can't replicate the pressure going to the transducer, I can let it run though. It's wierd though, I can run several tests w/o issue, then it pops up. What are the RAM requirements for tracerdaq and instacal? We would have check before buying the pc, but I'd like to check again, unless that's an unlikely cause of the issue.
  7. Fausto, I've been running tracerdaq for several years. The problem has been sporadic. I'm running windows 10 V22h2 MCC usb-2416-4a0 I run tracerdaq less than 1/2 screen. I can run a 30min test w/o issue then run a 1min test and get the error. Then run several 1min tests w/o issue. When I do get the error, the test is invalid which is costly to my customer. Screen saver is disabled, I'll check powersave. Thanks, Scott
  8. Running tracerdaq pro, version 2.3.4 while recording data I sometimes get an error "error trying to refresh the device". Im testing BOPs, so if I get this error, data is lost. Having to do another cut wastes pipe and blades, both of which are expensive. Obviously this doesn't impress my customer.
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