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  1. Hello Fausto, In my task, I have to generate a ticket for each new error code. Since I am getting 3 to 4 new error code for single issue of 'device is already in use',. i am not able to generate corresponding one correct ticket for this issue. If you have any idea how could i do this or Is there any other way to communicate with MCC devices without using ULx functions. please let me know. Thanks!
  2. I am using ULx VIs to read value from PCI-DAS-TC in LabVIEW. It works fine normally. But if this device is already accessed by some other application and then I run vi to read value, It doesn't gives one particular error value. It gives different error with different error code value. Kindly help with this. How to get correct error in this case. I also have attached images of all errors that I am getting in case of this device is already in use and also of block diagram Thanks In Advance
  3. Hello Fausto, Yeah, at least the error message which you shared makes sense that the device maybe in use by another application. But in my case I'm getting an error message which doesn't help me identify the actual problem because "Channel specified does not exist on this device" means that we have specified an incorrect channel number for eg: if a device support only 8 channel and if we try to read channel number 10 then we should be getting this error. For reference, please see attached image
  4. I am getting error "insufficient disk space", while trying to run a job. How can I resolve this. Kindly help me with this. Thanks In Advance
  5. I am using TC32 here in instalcal for Board# 1. when I double click to open it, As you can see in attached image, it is giving "Device is currently in Use". If I try to acquire data from channel of this board using LabView ULx function , it gives "ULx Create Channel (AI-Temperature).vi:2950001<ERR> Measurements: Channel specified does not exist on this device." as error. This error should come if I select invalid channel for that board. I am aware that TC-32 supports only one connection at a time, that's the reason I am getting this error. but my concern is how to get the same error in LabVIEW. Let me know if anyone have solution or ideas for it. Thanks In Advance...
  6. In LabVIEW library of WebDAQ, there is only VIs available for reading data from WebDAq 316. How to add new channel using LabVIEW for WebDAQ. How can I use LabVIEW to configure the device such as enabling / disabling thermocouple channels, changing the type of thermocouple, creating a new jobetc? Are there other communications protocols available like Modbus or TCP/IP or something similar?
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