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  1. FOLLOW UP QUESTION - Hello, Jeffery! Would you have time to provide a short general overview response (and possible references to documents) on how to incorporate the USB-3114 in providing programmed reference voltage levels to the added external array of op-amp comparators in the generation of a trigger signal from any of USB-1616HS-BNC Analog input channels as you have suggested below? I don't understand the interconnects and the flow quite yet. Best Regards, Robert Montelius RE: Jeffrey's response - Thinking outside-the-box, you could set up some number of op-amps, configured as comparators (one for each analog channel you want to use), with each comparator's threshold set to your desired value, wire OR the outputs together, and connect that output to the digital trigger input. In this way you can satisfy your multi-analog input requirement. To control the thresholds programmatically, you could utilize a USB-3114 (16 analog outputs https://www.mccdaq.com/pdfs/manuals/USB-3114.pdf) Regards, Jeffrey
  2. We are trying to integrate this device (USB-1616HS-BNC) into our existing system. I see the following in the USB-1616HS-BNC specification document: Analog Triggering - You can select any analog channel as the trigger channel, but the selected channel must be the first channel in the scan. You can program the trigger level, the rising of falling edge to trigger on, and hysteresis. MY QUESTION: We have a system requirement that any of the active analog input channels can be the trigger channel at any time depending on which channel detects the trigger conditions first. Is it possible to meet that requirement with the USB-1616HS-BNC or will we need to use a different product to meet our requirement? Thank you, Robert Montelius NSWC Corona / RS31 951-818-0616
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