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  1. I just reran the setup as Administrator and program ran through without error, and now I see the driver date was updated to 1/15/19. The VibPoint software is now working and recognizes the DT9837A and collecting data. Thanks for the correct software to load up on this newer computer.
  2. The Data Acquision Omni Software is not installing, When I press the Install Now! button nothing happens.
  3. I am having a Driver Install Problem with the DT9837A on a new Lenovo P15 Laptop I am Using VibPoint 3.5 software for vibration Analysis. We just updated the old Dell Dimension 4600 laptop running Win 7 to this new laptop. The software and drivers work just fine on the old laptop, and on my Desktop running Win 10 (about 3 years old). The software doesn't recognize the DT9837A is present, and the Device Manager says that the driver is corrupted. I tried installing the QuickDAQ and I get the same issue. The driver date is from 2015. Are there newer drivers to work with newer computers? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling in different combinations of the QuickDAQ and the VibPoint 3.5 and get the same driver problem. The DT9837A is working fine on the old laptop and desktop computers. Any suggestions?
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