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  1. Greetings JColvin and thanks for the information. I am referring to the Analog Discovery 2 Getting Started page. I went thru all the steps and nothing happened. Tried to paste the link and this is what turned up: Analog Discovery 2 [Digilent Documentation] (digilentinc.com) On the Analog Discovery 2 page big green button says, "Getting Started." I went thru the steps and nothing happened. Also I had four messages. I went away from the page and your message and the other three were no where to be found when I went back. I spent the next 15 minutes looking around the site trying to find the missing four messages. My message area? Nothing now. All four of them vanished!! I deleted nothing. So then started searching on the area where I posted...could not find it. So I then searched my name and got back to my post. Where in the heck can you quickly go to see your posts and responding answers and why is the Diligent 2 not working in this simple introductory exercise? Confusing. Thanks JColvin.
  2. Greetings from Tennessee from a new member. Was excited to get my new Digilent Discovery 2. I read thru the first page of the book and loaded in the wave, kept the defaults, pressed the start button per instructions and it said now the wave is moving!! The wave didn't move. It sat there. I am an old geezer trying to learn the basics so I don't know how to troubleshoot this. Kind of a bummer the very first few steps didn't work. I was thinking maybe the wave is moving but so fast I can't see it? Not sure how to adjust or if it is just not moving for some reason. Click WaveGen, click arrow. Sounds simple. Nothing.
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