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  1. OK, thank you. Would your engineer know if the FTD2XX.DLL installed as part of Adept where i can leave the Adept API calls in the code I have and only access FTD2XX.DLL to program MPSEE when needed, or is this an "either/or" situation where I have to install FTDI support seperately and remove Adept? or can both co-exist? does Adept use the FT2XX.DLL so it is already present, and its just a matter of accessing that lower level driver directly when needed, circumventing the API for just one function (MPSEE).
  2. Thanks for the response. its a different protocol. getting to the nitty-gritty of that distinction is not really on point, as the issue is not being able to program MPSEE for any desired protocol using Adept API. sharing that info, wont get us where we need to go. Can your engineer tell us if we can use the native FTDI DLLs? We currently use Adept SDK but the board is a FTDI based chip. is there anything preventing us from using FTDI provided drivers, FT2XX.DLL etc to program as FTDI shows? i.e. we use the Digilent hardware but native software. Would the JTAG SMT2/HS2 still function if we went back to using the Adept API? its not clear we would need to re-program the EEPROM, but use the native FTDI DLLs and example code FTDI provides to get to where we need to go. What you have for hardware is closer to what we need than what FTDI offers (fixed 3.3V and poorly designed flying leads on too short cable).
  3. Hello, I have used Digilent hardware, JTAG-HS2, and JTAG SMT2 before and used Adept SDK for both SPI and JTAG successfully. FTDI shows how to program the MPSEE but it is unclear how one does this with Adept SDK. I would like to implement a SPI like 4 wire serial protocol but dont want to bit-bang it using GPIOs. Is there a way to program the serial protocol into the FTDI chip through SDK or use FTDI 2XXX DLL directly? Thanks Thomas
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